Rickmansworth Folk Festival

The Invisible Folk Club Stage

Our stage is located in the garden of The Feathers pub, Rickmansworth. The musicians will be performing between 1200-1400 & 1500-1630

Artist information and links to samples of their music can be found below.

Dave Artus_175Chris Lawley_175ZOdette1_175

Left to Right: David Artus, Chris Lawley, Odette Michell

David Artus (above) is a fine songwriter and pillar of the folk scene, a traveller and a teller of tales, a man who gets things done. Links to 2 songs: A Second Heart & Railwayman

Chris Lawley (above) is a song collector with a huge repertoire of traditional, Music Hall and WW1 songs and an unforgettable delivery. Links to 2 songs: Hard Times of Old EnglandHey John Barleycorn

Odette Michell (above) is a great songwriter and a singer of original and traditional songs. Her new album is ‘The Wildest Rose’  Links to 2 songs: Mary and the Soldier & After the Hurricane

David G IFC filmset1_175Lizzy Hardingham_175Craig Joiner_175

Left to Right: David Gunawardana, Lizzy Hardingham, Craig Joiner

David Gunawardana (above) is a brilliant young songwriter with a unique style. Magical and lilting. Links to 2 songs: Where She Walks & Cloth

Lizzy Hardingham (above) is an outstanding young talent with a powerful voice and good songs, currently on tour. Links to 2 songs: Don’t GoJumping Away

Craig Joiner (above) is terrific songwriter in any style. Personal singer songwriter, rock ‘n roll, or a traditional ballad. A man of many hats! Links to 2 songs: Time To Go & Stand Up Proud

Jon Bickley_175

Jon Bickley (above) is a folksinger and the writer of songs that you will be singing for weeks to come. He is also one half of the Invisible Folk team.   Links to 2 songs: House Carpenter & I Cry For You

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