Ballad of Bedfordshire

Since March 2017 Bedfordshire based ‘Invisible Folk Club’ have been creating podcasts and radio shows based around the songs and craft of the folk tradition.
Its younger sister ‘Invisible Folk’ is a new ‘not for profit’ organisation created to explore and celebrate local songs and stories in support of heritage, tourism and education.

We are in the early stages of a project to produce a series of half hour shows aimed at local and community radio as well as our growing podcast audience. What better place to start than on home turf? With a working title of The Ballad of Bedfordshire it will be folk based words and music celebrating the history, people, culture, industries, myths and legends associated with Bedfordshire.

The project will happen in 2019 but its size and scope beyond the basic radio shows will depend on availability of funding. We are currently exploring various avenues but whatever the outcome some radio shows will definitely go ahead. The more support and stakeholders we can attract the stronger will be our case for forthcoming funding bids.

We want to interview people and collect their memories of bygone times. We want to record songs wherever we find them, to create new songs from words we discover in libraries, museums, archives, folk clubs and villages. Do you know somebody who has a collection of songs written down or in their head?

Bedfordshire has a vibrant community of Folk Clubs and sessions. They meet regularly and are supported by enthusiastic local performers who come along to play and enjoy the music. It would be great to give some of these people a platform. We’re on the lookout for subject matter experts, singers, songwriters and musicians to contribute Bedfordshire related material.

Yes we’re looking for musicians from the clubs and sessions, but we are also looking for people from those places to be our eyes and ears as we search Bedfordshire for good singers, players and songwriters. Could you do that? Or do you know somebody who might put the word out? If so please send them the link for this page.

We’re looking for people who sing, write or play music with a Bedfordshire connection or are able to source such material. We are even prepared to come and record performances. Our trusty Zoom H6 recording devices have served us very well. You can find loads of good examples here

Invisible Folk’s Jon Bickley is a performer and prolific singer/songwriter. Perhaps  Jon, his guitar and myself could drop in sometime when you have a session, or a singers’ night or a free support slot. Then you could see ‘the whites of our eyes’ and we could answer questions about Ballad of Bedfordshire.

Thanks for your time.
Steve Yarwood
Invisible Folk Club Producer

R101 rural

For further information please use the contact form.