Album of the Month

Since we started podcasting in February 2017 we have recorded over 600 songs by a wide variety of artists. We want to share some of this fabulous collection with people who have supported us throughout the years.

Our Album of the Month concept is a monthly 12 song downloadable compilation featuring the best material from Invisible Folk Club podcast sessions. Subscription is $7 per month (approx £5.50), please sign-up at

On the 15th of each month we’ll supply subscribers with the Album of the Month download link. Your subscription will help cover our overheads and ensure we can carry on entertaining and educating through music and conversation.

Live @ The Invisible Folk Club

Remember the days when record companies used to put out samplers? This is our equivalent.

Live @ the Invisible Folk Club is an ongoing series, each is a compilation of songs from two podcasts. Go to for streaming or download. Please have a listen and support our talented featured artists.

If you like what you hear investigate the podcast where the artist talks about the music, its creation and its inspiration. Our large podcast library can be viewed at