Bedfordshire Brickworks Day – The music

Saturday 25th May 2019

To promote the Journey from Bunyan to the Brickworks exhibition The Higgins, Bedford held an open day entitled Pride, Inspiration, Hope: Bedfordshire Brickworks DayInvisible Folk arranged for folk musicians to perform throughout the day. Biographies and links to samples of their music can be found below.

jiabX_175Nigel Moorcroft_175Chris Lawley_175
Left to Right: Jack in a Barrel, Nigel Moorcroft, Chris Lawley

Jack in a Barrel (above) are a 7 piece folk choir singing totally unaccompanied. Lead by the Brewster family they perform a mix of traditional and original songs with power, delicacy and joy. Links to 2 songs: Hail Smiling MornRoll Down

Nigel Moorcroft (above) is a singer of traditional folk songs, unaccompanied and pure. His sonorous baritone holds the listener mesmerised as he tells tales of desolate shores and long sea voyages. Links to 2 songs: Bushes and Briars & Night Crossing Song

Chris Lawley (above) is a singer and song collector. His knowledge of Music Hall and WW1 songs is an education in itself but to hear him sing is to bring the songs to life in an unforgetable way. Links to 2 songs: Hard Times of Old EnglandHey John Barleycorn

Jon Bickley_175Bob&Annette_175Lizzy Hardingham_175
Left to Right: Jon Bickley, Petrichor, Lizzy Hardingham

Jon Bickley (above) is a folksinger and a songwriter. Poetic lyrics and catchy tunes will be rattling round your head long after the event. Links to 2 songs: House CarpenterI Cry For You

Petrichor (above) is a duo featuring the beautiful singing of Annette Burrows and the elegant guitar playing of Bob Templeman. It is a sublime combination. Links to 2 songs: Stormy WeatherGeordie

Lizzy Hardingham (above) is a New Roots finalist and a fine songwriter and singer. She is becoming one of the most popular young talents on the scene. Links to 2 songs: Don’t GoJumping Away

Ragged Staff_175CE_175MJ&D_175
Left to Right: Ragged Staff, Catherine Earnshaw, Marisa,Jack&Davy

Ragged Staff (above) are 3 great musicians combining to startling effect. They are Mike Nacey (guitar), Caroline Riches (violin/vocals) & Ned Lawton (pipes/vocals). Links to 2 songs: Star of County DownThe Nightingale

Catherine Earnshaw (above) is a gifted singer of traditional songs, the holder of space and magic. She is climbing the mountain in the footsteps of Shirley Collins and June Tabor. Links to 2 songs: Ramble AwayI Am Stretched Out on Your Grave

Marisa Jack & Davy (above) are a trio of talent. Harmonies cut from the same tree that Peter Bellamy grew. Local scene movers who cast their own spell. Links to 2 songs: Oak,Ash and ThornIdumea

Pete Castle_175

Pete Castle (above) is a traditional folksinger, storyteller and song collector. He brings the ancient past to your door and then makes your door magical. He was main organiser of the Luton Folk Festival from 1976-82 and from 1981-87 ran the folk show on Chiltern Radio. Nowadays he is resident in Derbyshire. Links to 2 songs: Over The HillThe Factory Maid

For more info about Invisible Folk follow this link