Invisible Folk Club Podcasts
Our podcasts came about with the realisation that we knew a lot of talented musicians and performers who had no platform outside their local folk club. We decided to fill that gap and invited them round for a session of music and conversation at Jon’s terraced cottage in rural south east England. We switched on the recording device and realised it was literally a cottage industry! Once Steve had sourced the software and a suitable podcast host the IFC Podcast Channel was up and running.

The word spread and more people came through the door. Some were unknown, some were already creating waves, some were even almost famous! We love people for whom the music really matters, those who channel passion, energy and commitment into their art. It doesn’t matter where the songs come from, they can be self-composed or traditional. We also like people who interpret the compositions of others in their own unique way. If you have the spark we’ll invite you along for a session.

Invisible Folk Club Radio
The IFC radio show came about when Steve spotted an article in a local magazine about a new community radio station. CRMK invited us in for a chat and liked the sound of our podcasts. They gave us the chance to transfer some of the atmosphere to the radio. Jon quickly established his late-night relaxed DJ style and the show has gone from strength to strength. We are very grateful to our friends at CRMK!

We soon found that Community Radio was a great place to be, especially when Sine FM (Doncaster), Radio St Austell Bay (Cornwall) and Beat Route Radio (Northamptonshire) came calling. We now have four stations carrying our show. Anybody else out there?

Who are we?
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Steve Yarwood and Jon Bickley first met in February 2016 through mutual musical friends. In late 2016 they decided to share their musical enthusiasm with the rest of the world and the Invisible Folk Club was created. History is made by those who turn up!

Jon Bickley
Jon is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, poet and ideas man. He has released a number of albums, both solo and in collaboration. He is the former singer and writer for prog/folk band Pagan Harvest whose musical vision was dark folk on an epic scale!
Jon went to London South Bank University and Queen Mary (University of London) as a mature student to study literature. Having lived in London most of his life he decided to forsake city dwelling for a small town in the Buckinghamshire green belt .

Steve Yarwood
Steve is the Invisible Folk Club producer and sound recordist. He also manages social media, broadcasting platforms and a million other back-office functions.
After leaving university in 1980 he began a 36 year career with BT that began in engineering and ended in finance. Next stop Invisible Folk Club.
In the 1980s outside office hours Steve was involved in band management as well as being a DJ playing gigs at colleges, pubs, parties etc. By the 1990s he was writing articles for specialist music fanzines and through these connections was able to interview some interesting (if often obscure) musicians.
Steve lives in rural north Bedfordshire and is one of the ‘bouncing bass boys’ in Sharnbrook Community Choir , proud winners in their classification in 2 of the last 3 years at the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech & Drama.