Our Vision
The world has moved onto a digital platform and the Invisible Folk Club is attempting to build a folk club on the Internet. Our vision is be able to dial into a folk club from anywhere and to broadcast our folk club globally. A virtual folk club, a digital folk club, an invisible folk club. We are not there yet but we’re moving in the right direction. We reserve the right to try things but understand they will not always work. We take responsibility for that, it is our show and we make our own decisions. We will continue to make podcasts (all available free) and radio shows. We will continue to shake hands and occasionally tread on toes, we will offer our comrades as big a platform as we can whilst blowing our own trumpet. Come with us, we think you’ll enjoy the ride.

Our Ethos
The Invisible Folk Club (IFC) is a production company based in south east England. We produce podcasts and radio shows aimed mainly at the folk music community and related groups.
We love people for whom the music really matters, those who channel passion, energy and commitment into their art. It doesn’t matter where the songs come from, they can be self-composed or traditional. We also like people who interpret the compositions of others in their own unique way.
We don’t care if you’re unknown, already creating waves, or even famous. We’ve had lots of talent through the door already. If you have the spark maybe we’ll invite you along for a session.

How do our Podcasts work?
Our core podcasts create an ambience somewhere between a folk club and a workshop. We want to entertain and educate through music and conversation.
We’ve had lots of talent through the door already. Egos are parked outside, everybody is treated the same. We do not record in a ‘proper’ studio, we simply set up the recording device in a terraced cottage in rural south east England and off we go. It is literally a cottage industry!

Where can our podcasts be found?
Invisible Folk Club podcasts are available free on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-invisible-folk-club/id1231824790
Subscription to iTunes is free. Subscribe and you will automatically receive future Invisible Folk Club podcasts direct to your device.
Non iTunes listeners can access the podcasts via our host Libsyn at http://invisiblefolkclub.libsyn.com/

How does Invisible Folk Club on the Radio work?
Milton Keynes based Internet radio station CRMK will be broadcasting our shows between 10-11pm every Sunday evening. Make a date in your diary and on Sunday go to crmk.co.uk/listen
If you aren’t able to catch us in the regular Sunday slot on CRMK the shows are uploaded to Mixcloud the following day. Go to https://www.mixcloud.com/steve4545catfish/

Who are we?

Jon Bickley (left) and Steve Yarwood first met in February 2016 through mutual musical friends and soon struck up a good working relationship. In late 2016 they decided to start their own business and Jon came up with the name Invisible Folk Club.

Jon Bickley
Jon is a singer, songwriter and poet. He has released a number of albums, both solo and in collaboration. He is singer and writer for the prog/folk band Pagan Harvest who have an epic new album due out in February 2018.
Jon went to London South Bank University and Queen Mary (University of London) as a mature student to study literature. Having lived in London most of his life he has now moved out to a small town in the green belt of Buckinghamshire.

Steve Yarwood
Steve is the producer of IFC podcasts and radio shows. After leaving university in 1980 he began a 36 year career with BT starting in engineering and ending up in Finance.
In the 80s outside office hours Steve was involved in band management and was also a DJ playing gigs at colleges, pubs, parties etc. By the 90s he was writing articles for specialist music fanzines and through these connections was able to interview some interesting musicians. He lives in rural north Bedfordshire and sings in a local Community Choir.