Invisible Folk Club

We are a UK based virtual folk club encouraging and enabling authentic music, both ancient and modern. To date our target audience has been the folk music community and related groups, but we are gradually widening our scope.

We produce radio shows (mainly music based) and podcasts (live music and interesting conversation). We are evolving all the time and have recently become involved with heritage based projects and live folk music events.

The Invisible Folk Club radio show came about almost by accident when a new Community Radio launched in our part of the world. CRMK liked the sound of our podcasts and gave us the chance to transfer some of the atmosphere to the radio. We are very grateful to our friends at CRMK!

We soon found that Community Radio was a great place to be, especially when Sine FM from Doncaster and Radio St Austell Bay came calling. In Summer 2018 we approached another of our local community stations Beat Route Radio in Rushden (Northamptonshire). They liked what they heard and became the fourth carrier of Invisible Folk Club Radio. Anybody else out there?

As our experience has grown so has our confidence and we have looked to diversify. An opportunity to partner with the Higgins Museum (Bedford) arose in late 2018. Their exhibition The Journey from Bunyan to The Brickworks ran from April – October 2019. Our 15 minute film The Bricks That Built a Community ran continuously during the 6 month exhibition.

We also played a major part in Pride, Inspiration, Hope: Bedfordshire Brickworks Day on Saturday 25th May 2019 when the museum shared photographs, memories, stories and songs associated with Stewartby Brickworks. Invisible Folk created the soundtrack to the day with 10 diverse folk bands/artists performing in the courtyard. Jump to the Invisible Folk page for more info about the film and our mini Folk Festival. If anybody out there needs an MC & Stage Manager for their folk festival next year please drop us a line.

If you like the sound of all this and want to get involved somehow, or simply want to tell us what you think of the Invisible Folk Club please leave a message via the Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

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Our weekly radio shows are carried by four stations:

  • CRMK – Internet station in Milton Keynes
    Listen every Sunday 10-11pm
    Go to
  • Beat Route Radio – Internet station for Rushden & Nene Valley (Northants)
    Listen every Sunday 10-11pm
    Go to (hit the play button under ‘Listen Live’)
  • Sine FM – Community FM radio station serving Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    Listen every Monday, midnight to 1am Tuesday
    Go to (you may need app)
  • St Austell Bay – Community FM radio station serving St Austell, Cornwall
    Listen every Thursday 10-11pm
    Go to (hit ‘Play Radio’ button on right of their screen)

The shows have a late-night relaxed feel with DJ Jon Bickley featuring contemporary folk artists as well as a nod to the recent and not so recent past. In addition to the well known names we also feature talented friends who deserve your attention and who have appeared on our podcasts.

If you aren’t around for these broadcasts you can catch up a few days later:

Our podcasts are where it all started back in February 2017. Our aim is to create an ambience somewhere between a folk club and a workshop. We want to entertain and educate through music and conversation.

We recently achieved our 18000th Podcast download. The first 1000 took 10 months, the second 4 months, from then we’ve grown to the current rate of 1500 downloads every month. That’s a very pleasing acceleration, looks like we’re doing something right! Many thanks to all our wonderful friends and followers.


  • If you are an Apple Podcasts user (formerly iTunes) search for Invisible Folk Club. Subscription is free, sign-up and automatically receive every new episode.
  • If you are a Spotify user search for Invisible Folk Club.
  • If you are NOT an Apple Podcasts or Spotify user you can listen or download via our host Libsyn at
  • Or you can stream via TuneIn select from the list lower down this page

For music via digital download (or occasionally on CD) go to:
Any musical items can be streamed or purchased, so please have a listen and support our talented featured artists.